Monday, November 08, 2004


I had an excellent lunch with a very good friend yesterday, in a restaurant in Tunkhannock that I would probably not otherwise have ever heard about. I spent Saturday gardening and doing yard work - raking leaves (we have gone from 5% leaffall to 95% leaffall in just one week), applying mulch to my blueberry bushes, getting some grapevine cuttings and perennial flowers out of pots and into the soil to overwinter, and continuing to apply random bits of dead vegetation and assorted compostables to what will be a new garden at some point in the future.

I must have stirred something up while doing all of this. I didn't suffer any ill effects Saturday night, but Sunday night was a different story. The sore throat which had been building throughout the day shifted upwards into my sinuses, which proceeded to swell up in a way that caused me to stop breathing many times last night. After about two hours of waiting for this to resolve itself, I dragged myself out of bed and took some antihistamines. These did the trick, as I knew they would, but they also had the usual unpleasant side effect that I have learned to associate with them. I hope this sinus irritation goes away soon, and I don't need to use the antihistamines too much longer.

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