Thursday, March 01, 2012

Coming back

My blogging here has slowed down almost to a stop. That's not entirely because I've run out of things to say. I've also made a conscious decision to restrict myself from blogging - here at Another Monkey, at least - until I've managed to achieve certain goals in my life, goals from which blogging, personal blogging specifically, is a distraction.

That restriction is now lifted.

I have been blogging all this while, mainly over at NEPA Blogs. I feel like we've just gone to the next level there, knocked the lid off of it, with the discovery of hundreds of blogs in Northeastern Pennsylvania of which we were previously unaware. And the weekly appearances on PA Live! are going great, which makes the fact that I may have to leave the show in a few weeks that much more tragic. But schedules change, and it would have been unreasonable to expect to be available from 3:30 - 4:40 every Tuesday indefinitely.

I've also been taking a course in the fundamentals of solar power. I used to work in that industry more than twenty years ago, at least on the solar cell manufacturing end of things, and I would like someday to get back into it again. The main plotline for the next decade or so is going to be increasing energy demands in a world of finite fossil fuels. As emerging nations increase their demands for fuel and their willingness to pay high prices, and domestic energy producers realize that they can see higher profits from exporting refined fossil fuels to overseas markets rather than selling domestically, Americans will feel the pinch even more than they do now. Politically, in Pennsylvania and elsewhere, the climate is hostile towards increased capacity for solar energy, but that will change. And when it does, I want to be ready for it. So I've also been dusting off my NEPA Solar blog.

On top of all that, I also intend to become more active with my personal branding blog. There is much to say over there that can help others, and myself as well.

For now, I have to hit the books! I'll post more when I can.

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