Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Royal Highness, first flush 2011

My Royal Highness rosebush has been going through its first flush of roses this past week.

Royal Highness (main bush), May 29, 2011

Fun fact: this flush is actually several weeks later than in recent years. Once upon a time I could count on roses and strawberries the first week of June, and it looks like this is the case this year.  But last year the roses were coming into bloom by May 18, two weeks ahead of schedule.  In 2009 they were in full bloom on May 26 - six days after a frost.

This year I think the weather - intense heat and sunshine followed by intense rain followed by intense heat and sunshine - is causing an explosive overbloom. The roses are quickly going from the bud to the flower to the "blown" stage with the petals spread, followed by petal drop. There will be another flush later in the Summer, but I'd like this one to stick around for a little while.

The picture above does not really do justice to the color of these roses. In the photo they look pale pink, perhaps even bleached, but in reality when viewed in full sunlight they have an intense fluorescent-pink color.

I have two daughter bushes from this bush and am planning to take at least one more this year.  I suppose if I had thought about it, I could have cultivated cuttings to sell at Nanticoke's annual city-wide yard sale.  Maybe next year!

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dr.antony said...

I stumbled on to your blog and I liked it.
Lovely roses. Have a good day.