Friday, December 17, 2010

Last day

Well, this is it.  My last day at my workplace.  At least this time, they gave us advance notice.

I had a dream.  Last night, maybe, or the night before.  It was the last day at work, and I went there, and there was just a skeleton crew.  Only it wasn't work, exactly; I was in a hallway at someplace that looked like my old college, complete with pleather-and-stainless-steel furniture along the walls.  Two people were hanging out on one of the couches, talking:  a tech and an operator, both of whom are in reality among the few people who are staying.  (One was sitting on the couch and one was either standing next to it or sitting on one of the arms.)  There was a third person standing there, an assistant shift supervisor or group leader or whatever the hell they call her job - she's on the list of people being cut.  And she was wearing a quilted dress over her normal clothing, a home-made costume that was apparently for a Renaissance Faire.  It wasn't especially fancy, but was made of a bronze-colored fabric.  And on the chair next to her was a white wig that would be more appropriate for a Marie Antoinette costume.  We talked and laughed about the upcoming layoff, and all the rumors swirling around it.  I don't remember much more after that.

I'm not a big one for symbolism in dreams.  I've had plenty of dreams about school, about realizing that I signed up for a class and forgot all about it for most of the semester until finals time, or that I have a final somewhere and can't find the room, and I know that these dreams are supposed to indicate guilt over a lack of personal organization or something like that.  But this wasn't one of those.  The plainly-made Renaissance Faire costume could indicate several things, as could the set-aside wig that could have belonged to a woman famous in part for having her head chopped off.  The cast of characters in this dream could have meant something, too; I have no idea.

Whatever.  It's time to get ready, to pack my lunch and make that long, miserable commute one last time.

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