Monday, December 20, 2010

Hot Notes, cookies, and an eclipse

Today I took a stab at getting the ball rolling (to mix metaphors) on re-establishing myself with CareerLink and Unemployment.  I need to re-open a claim with Unemployment, as my last one closed at Thanksgiving.  I don't think I can count last week as my "waiting week", since I worked 24 hours (Sunday and Friday nights) and took 24 hours of sick time (Wednesday and Thursday.)

I discovered while trying to update my resumé on the CareerLink website that the site has changed substantially since I first used it back in the Spring of 2007.  Most importantly, their password structure has changed, and my old passwords were no longer valid.  I had to wade through layer after layer of bureaucracy to get this cleared up.  OK, that's a lie, sort of; I used the website to look up the contact information for the Scranton office, made a call, briefly explained my situation to the person who answered the phone, and was transferred to someone who was able to help me right away.  Bureaucracy and I actually play well together.

I haven't done much with the Hot Notes website recently, the blog that I set up to communicate information to displaced workers from CINRAM at the behest of the Transition Team.  Mainly this was because I didn't have time, and I didn't have time because, since the elimination of the first wave of workers back in August, those of us who were left behind have been working overtime like mad.  But all that's in the past now, and it's time to get down to the business of doing all this Unemployment and CareerLink and job search stuff.  And as has been my plan all along, any bumps in the road that I encounter will get documented on the Hot Notes blog.  Like this:

I have wrapped one present so far.  Don't want to strain myself.

Tonight I will make some more cookies while I wait for the lunar eclipse.  Tonight's cookies will be Rocks, this year featuring Zante currants (from Sun-Maid) and Ginger flavored brandy.

And then, of course, if the sky is clear and I am able to stay awake, I will ring in the Solstice by observing tonight's total lunar eclipse.  See this post for complete details.

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