Saturday, November 14, 2009

Five skulls in a shopping bag

I took my mom to an appointment this past Tuesday. After she was done we decided to stop at Walmart to see what we could see. I had a few things in mind that I was looking for - mainly, the life-sized styrofoam skulls that had been selling in the Halloween section for $4 apiece. Long story short: they did have them, but they were not 90% off as the "ALL HALLOWEEN 90% OFF" label seemed to suggest. Maybe they covered by the "All Halloween 75% off" sign.

In any event, I purchased five of the skulls - just to have. Maybe to put them on display next Halloween. I don't know. At a dollar apiece this seemed like a good deal.

The problem is, I haven't taken the skulls out of my car and put them in the "storage" side of the house. So for much of the past week I have been driving around with five styrofoam skulls in a shopping bag.

The skulls are life-size. They are made in China, so there is a chance they were cast from an actual soon-to-be-deceased (or recently-deceased) Chinese prisoner. It's a little unnerving. During my upcoming four days off I will try to relocate them to long-term storage. Until then, I will do my darnedest to avoid being pulled over for any reason, lest someone think the five skulls in the shopping bag are actually the real deal. Don't want to have to explain what they are, or why they're there!


...tom... said...



At least you are not starting your own collection at home . . .like that nut in Cleveland.

Right..?? . . . . . .right..?!?


D.B. Echo said...

The cellar on the side of the house where I'm going to store the skulls is so creepy, I wouldn't be surprised to find bodies buried there. Or C.H.U.D.s living there.

Unfortunately, it's the yard at my mom's house that's filling up with dead bodies. I buried another two dead stray cats today.