Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Tonight is my uncle's wake. Tomorrow is the funeral.

Tonight is also garbage night. One of the biggest tasks of garbage night has always been picking up the papers we have laid out in an unfinished section of our cellar where Haley would go to the bathroom if she needed to. There's not much to pick up there this week.

Saturday I will probably pick up Haley's ashes and drop off her unused meds so they can be redistributed to pet owners who can't afford them. Some of the ashes I will bury with our other pets. Some I will place in one of Haley's favorite resting spots. Some I will give to my sister, who found Haley living in a drainage ditch covered with ticks and fleas over eleven years ago. And some I will keep along with her collar.

Sunday I think I will go to a party.

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