Saturday, March 10, 2018

Peaches on the windowsill

Today Peaches happened to be in the front bow window, where I got some nice pictures of Romeo last Wednesday. I happened to be nearby with a camera, and got a few nice shots.

Peaches, like most of our cats, was a feral cat rescued as a kitten years ago.

She nearly had several other names: Cloud, and Angel, and (courtesy of our neighbor with atrocious pet naming skills)"Precious Face." I was the one who proposed Peaches, based on her color.

I have a few other nicknames for her: Peachie the Creature, and Mup-pet.

She is mostly a quiet, timid cat. She buddied a lot with BlueBear, so when he died last October, she was terribly lost.

Now, however, she competes with Thor for scratches and pets. If either of them sees the other getting petted or scratched, they will try to "steal" the scratches or pets from the other by insinuating themself between the person doing the petting or scratched and the cat receiving the affection.


This is photo which, like so many others, is posted to my Facebook, but not here. I consider Facebook unreliable and ephemeral, sedimentary in structure and difficult to search. So I'm reproducing it here.

From July 19, 2011:

Peaches loves to watch TV, even if it's unplugged. 
She's watching The Peaches Show, starring Peaches.
Yesterday's images were taken late in the morning on an overcast day. Today's were taken mid-afternoon on a sunny and clear day.

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