Sunday, October 27, 2013

Poem: Because You Asked

I took part in a poetry reading at a new venue on Friday, October 25. Kick Out the Bottom open voice poetry reading will be held at Embassy Vinyl in downtown Scranton every fourth Friday - see here for more information. I decided to present two new pieces there, one written especially for the event, both performed without notes - the first time I've ever done that. This one was one I've been kicking around for weeks, maybe months. A friend in Norway once told me that I can intimidate people by being too intense, and I responded that some people find me unintense to the point of being comatose. I decided to run with that and create a very intense love poem, a sort of companion piece to my romance story that reads like it's about to become a murder story

Because You Asked

You ask me what I want to do
So I tell you:
I want to make love to you until the last stars burn out
I want to dance with you in the snow under flickering auroras
I want to sing Leonard Cohen with you while we stand on a bridge and watch the sun set
I want to eat you up, body and soul,
make every part of you a part of me.
And I want to go bowling
and play miniature golf
Love, honor, obey
protect and serve
happily ever after
from this day forward
'til death do us part
and then for a few eternities more

And maybe you're just asking me where I think we should go for lunch
but you asked me what I want to do
So I'm telling you.

copyright 2013 Harold Jenkins

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tiffany said...

i LOVE this.