Friday, June 21, 2013

A poem for the last day of Spring

Last night was the monthly Third Thursday Open Mic Poetry Night presented by my writing group, the Northeastern Pennsylvania Writers' Collective. As it was the last day of Spring, I thought it would be nice to read something appropriate for the occasion. So I wrote this. Less than two hours later I was reading it aloud at the Vintage in Scranton.

Springtime by the numbers

A three at the top of the page meant
cold, windy days, wet weather,
weeks of eating fish on Fridays and giving up candy

Four brought with it brighter days
and frosty mornings
a feast of chocolate
and a sense of change

Five meant things were wrapping up
the tests had a special sort of urgency
Flowers for the Virgin
put there by little girls in white dresses
Sunny mornings and sunnier evenings
that beckoned us to put our homework aside and play

Six, though, six was special
even the nuns didn't feel like working anymore
and they gave us extra sessions of recess to break up the day
A six at the top of a page or a test or a quiz thrilled you
and made you feel like it was a bad joke
Blue skies and cool breezes
Afternoons after school spent on the swing set
listening to the birds and watching the clouds drift by
and wanting to stay there forever.


Cheri Sundra said...

Nice work! It effectively captures the essence of the season for Catholic children in NEPA!

Pond Cat said...

Wonderful poem. What an experience of writing and sharing it so quickly!