Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Endangered Susquehanna

For the past year, the Susquehanna River has enjoyed the dubious distinction of being at the top of the American Rivers list of Most Endangered Rivers in America. In a few weeks a new list will be released, most probably not featuring the Susquehanna. This is not because the Susquehanna is any less endangered than it was when it made the list (for the second time this decade), but because there are other waterways that need the attention that being on such a list affords.

At the request of Don Williams, the undaunted and tireless defender of the river known as the Susquehanna River Sentinel, I will be posting the banner that commemorates the Susquehanna's status as the #1 endangered river in America. Don was the prime mover behind this recognition.

The threat goes on. The damage is being done daily. Anyone who lives downriver from Pittston knows the sort of damage unregulated and unchecked industrial pollution can do. Natural gas extraction now poses a threat to the Susquehanna that could potentially dwarf the damage done by coal mining and illegal chemical dumping into the Butler Mine Tunnel. While it would be nice to think that we can always count on folks like Don Williams to keep up the fight for us, it is up to every one of us to take responsibility for our environment - and our river.

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