Sunday, September 18, 2011

Blogfest 2011 - Fall edition!

I've been blogging like a blogging fool over at NEPA Blogs this weekend, posting links to (among other things) four sites that I became aware of after the Bloggers' Roundtable this past Thursday. (I'm hoping there will be more, especially since I invited everyone in the audience to begin blogs of their own, which we would gladly list on NEPA Blogs!)

This past Wednesday Gort announced that the next gathering of regional bloggers will be at Rooney's in downtown Pittston this coming Friday, September 23 starting at 6:00 PM. See his post for complete details:

Gort42: Blogfest-2011 fall edition

Rooney's is in a part of Pittston that was above the water line, but much of Pittston and surrounding communities like Jenkins Township and West Pittston (like many other communities along the Susquehanna) was devastated by the flooding that resulted from Tropical Storm Lee. As with previous Blog Fests held at Rooney's, there will likely be a number of local and state politicians in attendance - though this is by no means a purely political event, nor is participation restricted to "political" bloggers. But this is a very good chance to meet with politicians (as well as bloggers!) face-to-face in an informal setting, and bend their ears with the concerns of constituents that might otherwise go unheard.

I have revised the logo for the Spring 2011 Blog Fest to reflect the season a bit. (The original logo was itself an attempt to recreate the look and feel of a logo from a gathering of "style" bloggers that was being held in New York City, a logo that someone had cropped and appropriated for use with the local blog event.)

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