Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What has the natural gas extraction industry done today?

I'm waiting for a version of the commercial that runs at least once per break on CNN to go something like this:

"We're America's Natural Gas Extractors, and here's what we did today:

"- Pumped another few million gallons of clean, clear water out of the environment and into pockets underground, where (we hope) it will never be seen again.
(Sometimes in excess of what they were allowed to take:
Chesapeake Energy fined $20,000 over water withdrawal violations - News - Daily Review)

"- Extracted a few million gallons of wastewater from fracking sites and dumped them into holding ponds, or into creeks and streams if no one was looking, or just opened the valves on our waste trucks and let them go...well, anywhere!
Pa. man, company accused of dumping gas wastewater - FOX19.com

"- Contaminated a few more drinking water wells. Hey, people, get with the program. Get hooked up to municipal water!
Residents Want Gas Company to Pay for Water - WNEP

"- Reduced property values across Pennsylvania. 
YouTube - Drilling Pollutes Home and Groundwater

"- Wrecked hundreds of miles of back-country roads that were never meant to take the kind of punishment our trucks dish out.

"- Spent big money making sure that politicians vote the right way, and buying up ad and sponsorship space on TV and the radio.
TV Commercials | Chesapeake Energy - America's Champion of Natural Gas

"- And one thing we didn't do today: Pay any extraction taxes!"

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