Friday, February 11, 2011

Slowly I turned, step by step...

I'm making progress, I think.

It's been nearly two months since I was laid off.  I'm still out of work, but I have a very good feeling about a company that so far only exists on paper for the most part.  I sent them a email expressing interest earlier this week, and got a call-back yesterday.  They're still a month or so from making any hiring decisions.  In the meantime I had better keep looking.

I've done a lot of revision work and updates on the Hot Notes website.  This is a blogsite I set up for the Transition Team from my old company.  It's a quick and easy way of getting this information online.  I've been using Facebook to try to publicize the site, but I also need to have other people spread the word.

I also did an update on A Blog of Nanticoke.  This incorporates new information about the Nanticoke Historical Society that I first heard back in early November of last year after running into one of the members in a supermarket.  No need to rush into these things.

I've started collecting my severance and I filed my COBRA some time ago.  I finally located my Social Security Card and am ready to get the ball rolling on some things at the CareerLink in Scranton.  (I could use the one in Wilkes-Barre, but the one in Scranton is completely up to speed with the things going on at my old place of employment.)  I called late this afternoon to set up an appointment for the first step in the process (yes, I realize it's been nearly two months) and found out that a meeting I attended back at the end of July of last year counted as that first step.  So now I need to arrange for the second step, the one for which I need my Social Security Card.  I'll set that up on Monday.

Title Reference:  Classic comedy bit that I usually think of as "Niagara Falls."

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