Thursday, January 27, 2011

Catching up

Wow. I haven't blogged at all since Monday, and I didn't feel any guilt or stress about that.

In my defense, I've been working on something job-search related.  It may have all come to nothing, but at least I got my résumé revised into a format I like, placing education over employment experience.  Funny thing is, I just found an old copy of my résumé from 2007, and that was the format I had it in - and then I must have revised it again, based on somebody's advice, to put education last.  That's the funny thing about advice: one person's "always" is another person's "never", and vice-versa.

I've also edited and streamlined my DVD Asset Manager part (which is what I did from 1999 through 2007) from half the total total length of the text to just four bullet points.  Short and punchy.  Nobody cares about details.  If they want more information, they know how to get in touch with me.  (Nearly forgot to put my cell phone number on it!)

I wanted to post after the State of the Union.  Maybe the one crazy Republican who said the "integrated" seating was a Democratic plot to make support for President Obama appear stronger had a point:  members of Congress could not simply glance at the people all around them to see if they were supposed to be standing and applauding or sitting and scowling.  They had to at least glance around the room to get cues for their actions - or, worse yet, pay attention to the speech and decide for themselves.  I wonder if this is why so many people seemed to be reading ahead in their copies?

Speaking of streamlining and editing, I also want to post about the trimmed-down version of Macbeth I saw this past weekend with my friend Jen.  It's designed as a mobile, condensed version of the story, using just seven performers in multiple roles and shortened to seventy minutes for presentation to high school students as a companion piece to a complete reading of the play.  Interestingly, none of the murder and bloodshed was edited out, so this version of the play actually distills and concentrates the violence.  (Also, with all the stabbings, beheadings, and bloody swords in the play, the biggest shock for the audience came from seeing a plastic baby doll smashed onto the floorboards.)

And then there's the post about unconventional ways of finding out about jobs.  Construction notices.  Obituaries.  Zoning board meetings.  (That's where I was tonight.)

Maybe I'll post about all these things.  Maybe this will have to suffice.

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Marvin said...

Hope the revised resume helps with your job search.

I think you are correct about the object in my blog post being a sun dog. I've revised the post accordingly. Thanks for your information.