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Friday, January 27, 2012

Pecha Kucha Scranton is tomorrow!

Well, we're coming down to the wire. Pecha Kucha night in Scranton is tomorrow, starting at 7:30! I talked about the details here, although I may have glossed over the bit about the $5 admission.

I haven't scripted out what I want to say. Instead I've been composing as I've gone along, arranging and rearranging my twenty images according to the story I want to tell. But once it's done, I think I will repost the images (most - possibly all - of which have already appeared here) along with an approximation of what I said here. Maybe I will rough out a script so I don't forget key points during the actual presentation. (This is why I write up the companion post for each PA Live! Blog of the Week ahead of time, so I can recall what I wrote and touch on it on-air.)

Come out and see us if you can! From hints I'm getting about the other presentations, this should be a real fun time!

P.S. I JUST found out that I'm going first! Hooboy...

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