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Thursday, October 21, 2010

End of an exhausting three days off

Three days of running and I'm tired.

I accomplished about half of what I wanted to do today.  I put up a new post on Hot Notes, the blog for transitioning workers from my current workplace.  This doesn't actually involve any writing on my part, just a copy, paste, and reformat of existing content. I mowed the lawn.  I had to go on an emergency grocery run for my mom, who realized as she was baking a cake that she  had forgotten some critical ingredients during our shopping trip yesterday.  I didn't get my advance ticket to the Sideshow Gathering, but I did find out where Marc's Tattooing on Route 309 is located.  I also didn't start on the visitors' guide for the Gathering, but I did scout out some places of interest - and got lost many, many times.

I never made any pie, neither apple nor pumpkin.  I made my phone call but wound up talking to a machine.  I met my friends for dinner, and was forced to clean out the car before I could do that. I didn't get  to buy the thing I was looking to buy, but it turns out I didn't need it anyway.  After dinner a friend and I stopped in a nearby Big Lots! and I was able to pick up the candelabra-base fluorescent bulbs that I couldn't locate at Sam's Club yesterday

I got to my house and installed some new random on-off timers and the new candelabra bulb in my Homer Simpson bedside lamp.  Then I came back here to give Homer the cat (no relation to Homer Simpson) his medicine and write up this post.  Now I just have to haul out the garbage and the recycling, maybe toss in another load of laundry, and then get to bed.  Tomorrow begins another four or five or six-day stretch of work.

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