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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Back again

Another four day break over, another work week beginning.

When I was on day shift the between-rotation breaks seemed to last forever. By the time I got to the third day off I always began to freak out: was this my third day, or my last day? Was I supposed to be going back to work in the morning? I couldn't rest until I consulted my shift calendar to be sure.

On night shift things are different. Your first "day" off is actually a night. You can opt to stay up through the day that first day, like I did this past Sunday, but that would be the same as staying up all night after coming home from day shift.

And as I found out this week, forcing yourself to stay up that first day and going to sleep at a normal time the first night does nothing to reset your body clock. I found myself staying up all night Monday and Tuesday, not getting to bed until after 4:00 the next morning each day.

At least last night I accomplished something. I stayed up making my chocolate covered Easter Eggs, mainly because I wanted to pass them out to some friends I was meeting for dinner today. For some reason I took six bowls containing five eggs each - two peanut butter, two maple walnut, and one coconut cream - even though I was only supposed to be meeting with three friends. At the last moment two others came to join us. As I entered the restaurant this evening, balancing the six cellophane-wrapped bowls in my arms, our server jokingly asked "Oh, for me?" I added the sixth bowl to her tip.

Now it's back to work for a holiday-shortened rotation. Then five days off, four days back, and then twelve days off as I take my first four vacation days of the year.

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