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Friday, February 22, 2008

Snow tired

It snowed again. This was supposed to be a murder-death-kill of a storm, but so far it's been pretty routine - a few inches of fluffy snow topped off with a layer of ice crystals, just enough to weigh it down. I used a shovel and a broom at my house across town, and a snowblower here.

Now I'm tired.

I wasn't going to run the snowblower until the morning, but I'm glad I did it now. Tomorrow afternoon I'm going to see RENT in Scranton with a friend, and I'll have to spend a bit of time in the morning converting the car into a two-seater!


anne said...

Converting the car into a two seater...

Do you have one of those one seaters like I do? You know, one seat and a whoooooole lotta cargo space.

D.B. Echo said...

Well, it's a Tercel, so it doesn't have a whole lotta anything. But it took a while to clear all the crap off the passenger's seat. At which point I discovered where my missing pen got to, and that pens can sometimes explode when the ink freezes. So I guess a towel is now a prmanent fixture on that seat.

Michelle D said...

Sounds like you need a Heloise Helpful hint. I thought there was something that takes ink out of fabric. I just don't know what it is. Google is your friend.