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Monday, May 07, 2007

Mother's Day is this Sunday

I'm just sayin', is all. Don't want y'all to forget or somethin'.

(This is true in the U.S. "Mothering Sunday" was some time ago in the U.K., and I believe it was on a different Sunday in Ireland. When I was in Ireland Mothering Sunday seemed to be treated with all the commercial exploitation that we in the U.S. reserve for Christmas.)

My mom is out of town right now, so I bought her Mother's Day presents today. Used one of them, too. Our old Bissel carpet shampooer finally gave up the ghost entirely today - the handle flops around, held together only by the duct tape I wrapped it with yesterday, and now the dispenser button doesn't work anymore. (Also, it turns out I shampooed half the carpet yesterday using only water. Silly me.) I bought her a new carpet shampooer, and since I promised to clean the carpets while she was away I broke it out of its box, assembled it, and took it on its maiden voyage. (Bissel has resolved the handle issue by replacing the plastic assembly with one made primarily of steel tube.)

What? Don't look at me like that. It's not the only thing I got her for Mother's Day. I also got her a new ironing board. (The old one, which I bought her for Mother's Day several years ago, was starting to bend, so she needed a new one.)

I think I am sick. Whether I am having an allergic reaction to the crap I am pulling out of the carpets (carpets = evil) or whether I picked up strep throat while visiting my cousin yesterday, I do not feel so great. Mopey, which is not unusual for the past few - many - weeks, but also a little feverish. And I'm making lots of typos, which is something I do more often than usual when I'm sick. Oh, well, we'll see where this goes.

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whimsicalnbrainpan said...

I hope it's just allergies and you feel better soon.