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Saturday, January 20, 2007



Six years down and two to go. Can our country survive? Can the world?

George W. Bush should never have become President. Not in 2000, and not in 2004. I'm not just talking about the curtailed recount in Florida in 2000 or the voting irregularities in Ohio and elsewhere in 2004. I mean those people who voted for him in 2000 should not have voted for him in 2000. And those people who voted for him in 2004 should have known better in 2004.

Had Al Gore been President on September 11, 2001, I somehow do not think he would have been President on September 12, 2001, given the makeup of the Congress at the time. If he had continued to sit in a classroom and read My Pet Goat to schoolkids after having been informed that the United States was under attack, I do not think the Republicans in Congress would have rallied behind him in a show of national unity.

"Chill out," say former Bush supporters. "How much damage can he do in two years?" The answer is: a lot. Perhaps the eight years of the Bush II administration will go down in history as one of the greatest internal challenges our nation has faced: are the foundations upon which our nation was built strong enough to withstand a sustained attack by an Executive dead-set on undermining them? The damage he has done to our nation, to our international reputation, to our national soul, will take far longer to undo than it took to do.

Whoever is sworn in as President two years from today, I pity them. They will be inheriting an office as Chief Executive of a nation that has been damaged and sullied by their predecessor in a manner never before seen. They will be inheriting the consequences of every failure, every misstep, and every ill-advised action made by the man who held the office before them.

But the day will come when he is no longer President. And unless fate or the U.S. Congress intervenes before then, that day will be two years from today.



tiffany said...

i just hope i can wait that long.

Anonymous said...

Two more years? Not likely. Here's how things like this play out, DB. As with Marcos with 1972 bombings in Manila or Hitler with the Reichstag, you'll see an attack or attacks carried out by government operatives, but blamed on foreign terrorists.

In the ensuing chaos, you'll see martial law, "suspension" of the 2008 elections, takeover of the airwaves by the government, and finally, the rounding up of political opponents.

Bush won't be out in 2008. That's just the year when he'll bare his fangs.

See ya in the detention camps,

Bill @ IB

Betz said...

Harold, someone asked me this question the other day...I am feilding it to you.
If a person is not registered to vote yet, can they vote in the 2008 election?

Anonymous said...

Yes, they can vote. There's plenty of time to register. In fact, both parties accompany each campaign with big registration drives.

In PA, you can register with your driver's license renewal. You can also contact your county party headquarters to register, and for more information.

betz said...

thank you anonymous, i will pass the info on. :)