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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Camilla's back, and Sammie's coming soon!

Two of my favorite bloggers, the first two bloggers I ever read regularly, have been offline for the past few months due to technical reasons. Sammie's went offline sometime in mid-March due to server, or hosting, or some damned sort of computer doohickey problems. Camilla Henrikke's, until recently, hadn't been updated since early April due to a massive hardware failure - her motherboard died, or something like that.

Camilla's finally back online with her first post in over two months. Sammie's is now showing a "Coming back soon" message rather that just looking like it isn't there anymore, like it has for nearly a quarter of a year.

These are both fantastic developments. I look forward to reading Camilla and Sammie's blogs on a regular basis once again sometime soon.

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